How to open an Etsy shop - the kind that really sells stuff
How to open an Etsy shop - the kind that really sells stuff

How to open an Etsy shop - the kind that really sells stuff


Would you like to make money from your creative endeavours? This listing is for a little zine to help you launch your Etsy shop.

Opening an Etsy shop is pretty easy. Etsy leads you through the steps of collecting information that will enable them to pay you, and creating your first listing. I did it on a lazy Sunday morning and it took about ten minutes. I even had a few sales right away, and that was very exciting. However, to be honest, not much happened in my shop until I figured out how to really make it work. And then it took off, and these days my Etsy shop brings in a serious amount of income for my family. It provides me with a steady stream of creative work that makes me incredibly happy. This zine is about how to open the kind of shop that actually sells stuff.

In this zine you'll find suggestions for how much time you need to devote to it as a minimum, what kind of marketing options there are and how to make the most of them, what percentage of time to spend on making versus administration, and even how to make sure the business side of things is streamlined.

The zine is filled with sweet and whimsical artworks, the same pieces that I sell right here in my shop, so it's a pleasure to hold and look at as well as filled with helpful information for you.

This zine is black and white, and printed onto a sheet of A3 paper that has been folded into a little booklet.

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